An Appeal for Support to the Armenian Community of Lebanon

In response to an appeal by His Holiness Catholicos Aram I for support to the Armenian community of Lebanon, we hereby officially announce the launch of a fundraising campaign under our auspices and organized by the Executive Council. The fundraiser will aim to meet the vast humanitarian, medical, social, and educational needs of the Armenians of Lebanon facing dire financial and pandemic-related crises.

As the Prelate of the Western United States, I extend my heartfelt appeal to our Clergy, Boards of Trustees, Delegates, Ladies Guilds, Principals and Boards of Prelacy Schools, sponsors, supporters, and faithful to generously lend a helping hand to our compatriots in Lebanon.
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Over the next three weeks, we request and call for a considerable sum to be raised to stand in collective solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Lebanon.

“But do not forget to do good and to share” (Hebrews 13:16)

Funds collected will be transferred to the Armenian Prelacy of Lebanon via the Catholicosate of the Holy See of Cilicia.

NOTE: Please remit donations to the Western Prelacy by the end of August, in person or by mail. Make checks payable to WESTERN PRELACY (6252 Honolulu Ave., La Crescenta, CA 91214)

Bishop Torkom Donoyan, Prelate
Western United States

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