Our Schools Graduation Ceremonies Fill the Lives of the Armenian Community With Joy

During the first two weeks in June, the Western Prelacy in general and the Prelacy schools in particular lived through joyous graduation ceremonies from Preschool and Kindergarten, to middle and high school.

The Armenian school, with its service and mission, occupies such a unique and incomparable place in the life of our nation, and in the Diaspora, especially when waves of assimilation – of various magnitudes – come and confront the life of the Armenian people. The Armenian school, as a great testament given to us by our fathers and leaders, remains the fortress where the Armenian child will receive Armenian education and Christian upbringing, thanks to all those dedicated servants; from the principals, clergy, teachers and educators.

This year, too, the Armenian school granted to our nation many graduates, who received diplomas for their years of study and sacrifices. This festive atmosphere was not limited to the Armenian schools alone, but went beyond the schools and projected a triumphant atmosphere in the life of Western America, when Armenian students walked past us all with their beautiful smiles and received their certificates of graduation.

On this occasion, H.G. Bishop Torkom Donoyan, Prelate, delivered his speech to the graduating students (in person or through representatives) and blessed them saying; “The Armenian parents feels safe when they send their child to the Armenian school, the Armenian teacher feels valued when they serve the Armenian school, the Armenian principal feels unique when they contribute to the Armenian school, and the Armenian student feels complete and accomplished, when they are instilled with Armenian-Christian values, which we are sure, will shape the course of their life in the future as well.”

Therefore, referring back to the days of the pandemic, the Prelate praised God for giving us yet again the opportunity to organize graduation ceremonies and witness our schools’ harvest, “because the school is a garden, and today the school offers the best harvest to our people” added Bishop Donoyan, and concluded his speech by congratulating the graduates, their parents and relatives.

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