Artsakh Delegation Visits the Prelacy Ahead of Armenia Fund Telethon

Ahead of the Armenia Fund 20th International Telethon, on Tuesday, November 21, 2017, a delegation from the Republic of Artsakh paid an annual visit to the Prelacy. This year’s guests were H.E. Archbishop Barkev Martirosyan, Primate of Artsakh, Mr. Arayik Haroutyunyan, State Minister of the Republic of Artsakh, and Mr. Robert Avetisyan, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Artsakh to the United States. The honored guests were greeted by H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, who was joined by Vicar General Very Rev. Fr. Torkom Donoyan, Religious Council Chair Very Rev. Fr. Muron Aznikian and clergy, Executive Council members Mr. Alec Baghdasaryan, Mrs. Elo Boyajian, and Mrs. Therese Kemanjian, and Ladies Auxiliary Chair Mrs. Dzovig Zetlian and members. The Ladies Auxiliary hosted a reception on this occasion.

The Prelate greeted the guests once again, having met with them a few days prior during Holy Trinity Church of Fresno’s 117th anniversary celebration, during which Mr. Arayik Haroutyunyan presented a medal to Prelacy and national benefactors Mr. and Mrs. Vahan and Anoush Chamlian on behalf of President Bako Sahakyan. His Eminence stated that the Chamlian family had graciously accepted the honor and pledged their participation in the Telethon. The Prelate added that he has also called on our church and schools to lend their generous support.

Mr. Haroutyunyan thanked the Prelate and Prelacy family for the warm welcome and their resolute support of Artsakh. He stated that Shushi is in the process of significant advancements, with the focus next on villages, and gave a brief overview of Artsakh’s path to prosperity noting that the economy has been improving year by year and will continue to grow thanks to the Armenia Fund Telethon and the support of the people. Mr. Haroutyunyan also gave an overview of the “Fruitful Artsakh” project, which will assist in the construction of irrigation systems, offering job opportunities, allowing farmers to make better use of land, and reducing migration. Finally, the State Minister reported on advancements in Artsakh’s education system, stating that a number of graduates go on to continue their education in top Armenian and Western educational institutions.

The Primate of Artsakh gave further information on Artsakh’s advancement, projects, and hopes. He stated that the country is on the right path, with the government planning the construction of over one thousand homes for soldiers, and noted that the construction of an immigration system is of tactical importance as was the construction of the Vardenis-Martakert highway. Archbishop Martirosyan expressed hope that Artsakh’s budget will increase with the realization of these and similar projects. Finally, the Primate thanked the Prelacy family for the reception and called on the Diaspora to visit Artsakh so that the people of Artsakh can be assured that they are not alone in their struggle.

Through their remarks, Mr. Alec Baghdasaryan, Fr. Muron Aznikian, and Mrs. Dzovig Zetlian affirmed that the Diaspora stands with Artsakh and that Artsakh is a source of inspiration for our youth.

During a question and answer period, the State Minister gave further details on the state of Artsakh’s army, the strengthening and modernization of defense strategies, and relations and collaboration with neighboring countries.

At the conclusion of the visit Mr.
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Haroutyunyan gifted the Prelate a small carpet woven during the 2016 four-day war, while the Prelate presented mementos with Armenian pomegranate motifs and various books including His Holiness Catholicos Aram I’s “The Armenian Church.”

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