Calling to the Priesthood Service in Antelias

On Saturday, May 21, 2022, following the conclusion of evening service, presided over by H.H. Aram I., Catholicos, H.G. Bishop Torkom Donoyan, Prelate, conducted the “calling to the priesthood” service to three seminarian deacons. The dean of the seminary Very Rev. Fr. Barouyr Shernezian assisted in the ceremony as the Sponsoring Priest.

At the conclusion of the service, under God’s blessing and by their free will, the three deacons affirmed their vows before God and the faithful in attendance, vowing;

1. To live a holy life while serving the Armenian Apostolic Church. Being diligent and vigilant in teaching and learning the word of God and becoming a true preacher and protector of the faith.

2. Firmly following the virtuous behaviors and deeds of the Holy Fathers. To being faithful and protective of the order, rituals, creed and traditions of our church.

3. To remain faithful to the Catholicosate of the Holy See of Cilicia and to the Catholicos, to implement and support the Charter of the Brotherhood of Cilicia and to aide in the betterment of the mission and service of the Catholicosate.

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