Chamlian First Graders Pay Christmas Visit to the Prelacy

In keeping with a beautiful tradition established in recent years, on Wednesday, December 17, 2014, the first grade class of Vahan and Anoush Chamlian School visited the Prelacy to convey their New Year and Christmas well wishes to H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, and to receive the blessings of His Eminence.

The nearly 60 students, accompanied by their Principal Dr. Talin Kargodorian, Vice-Principal Rita Kaprielian, teachers, and parents, were welcomed by the Prelate and clergy at the St. Dertad and St. Ashkhen Chapel where a brief prayer service was held. His Eminence was joined by Rev. Fr. Boghos Tinkjian and Archpriest Fr. Nareg Pehlivanian.

The visit continued at the Sulahian Reception Hall. Teacher Aida Aghaian thanked the Prelacy for facilitating the annual Christmas visit and stated that the students have learned about the Birth of Christ and are prepared to hear his message on this occasion. Three students conveyed well wishes to the Prelate on behalf of their peers.
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After greeting the students with fatherly love, the Prelate went over the Christmas story with them, speaking to them about Joseph and Mary, the visit of the good shepherds and wise men and the gifts they offered to the Baby Jesus Who was born in a modest manger on a cold night. His Eminence commended the students for their knowledge of Christmas and reminded them that Christ was sent by God as a gift for man, and it is their duty to follow in His example by being good and loving one another as brothers and sisters. He concluded by conveying his blessings to the administrators, teachers, parents, and students, and wishing success to the School in the fulfillment of its mission.

The students performed two group recitations for the Prelate presented His Eminence with Christmas gift baskets.

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