We hereby bring to the attention of our faithful that in the past few weeks there have been unsettling occurrences regarding the departure of Christian Education Department Co-Chair Very Rev. Fr. Barthev Gulumian due to federal immigration laws. We understand and respect the concerns expressed by those towards this matter. The Executive Council is taking all necessary steps in pursuit of Fr.
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Barthev’s immigration status in the United States. Thus, we advise our faithful to disregard the false and misleading information and disparaging statements that have been circulating in different forums and which have led to a harmful atmosphere.

Our community is well aware that the Brotherhood of the Holy See of Cilicia, with the guidance and blessing of His Holiness Catholicos Aram I, in its mission has always regarded as highest priority the national interests of our people and communities.

Hence, we expect that our faithful community, with good conscience and ardent regard for the standing of our religious and national institutions, demonstrate utmost respect for our church canons and hierarchical orders.


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