Community-Wide Commemoration of the 101st Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

On Sunday, April 24, 2016, Armenians across the globe gathered in their respective communities to commemorate the 101st anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, to raise our collective voice for recognition and justice for our 1.5 million holy martyrs and in support of Artsakh.

Within our community, the 101st anniversary of the Armenian Genocide was commemorated throughout the month of April with various events held on a state and local level, and within parishes and community organizations, continuing until the weekend of April 23rd and beyond. H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, and clergy participated in the commemorations.

On the afternoon of Saturday, April 23rd, a community gathering was held at the Armenian Genocide Monument in Montebello featuring a religious service, political messages, and cultural presentations. The Prelate, accompanied by clergy, participated in the commemoration, and together with leaders of the Apostolic, Catholic, and Evangelical Churches conducted the service for the intercession of our holy martyrs.

On Sunday morning, the Prelate presided over Divine Liturgy and delivered his April 24 message at St. Garabed Church in Hollywood, where he also conducted the service dedicated to our holy martyrs. Last year was a historic one, but each April 24 is historic in its own way because each year we advance in our cause and are a step closer to triumph, stated the Prelate. “Our struggle is on ongoing one. No matter the year, we cannot and will not forget that 1.5 million Armenians were massacred and our people driven from our ancestral lands. The Ittihadist government set out to annihilate the entire Armenian nation, but they failed. Today the successors of the Ottoman Turks continue their campaign of denial, going so far as to play the victim. They cannot run from the truth and evade justice forever. Today is a day for prayer and remembrance, and also a day to raise our collective voice for our national demands. We will remind the world that we demand justice for the blood of our canonized martyrs, that our lands remain occupied and our properties confiscated, and that Turkey must accept this historical truth and make reparations. We will always remember, remind, and demand,” stressed His Eminence, and concluded by urging widespread participation in the fundraising campaign for Artsakh.

In the afternoon, over 60,000 people gathered outside the Turkish Consulate for the Rally for Justice, in which the Prelate and clergy participated. The rally began with the opening prayer by religious leaders.
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