Consecration of Sacred Paintings and New Stained Glass Door at St. Sarkis Church in Pasadena

On Sunday, November 23, 2014, H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, presided over Divine Liturgy and delivered the sermon at St. Sarkis Church in Pasadena. During the service, His Eminence conducted the consecration of three sacred paintings and new stained glass door. Divine Liturgy was celebrated by Parish Pastor Rev. Fr. Boghos Baltayan. Faithful in attendance included St. Sarkis Church benefactors Mr. and Mrs. Sarkis and Suzan Kitsinian, Executive Council member Mrs. Therese Kemanjian, delegates, sponsors, and members of sister organizations.

The consecration ceremony was held prior to the sermon. As the choir sang hymns, the Prelate ascended the altar where deacons recited psalms, after which His Eminence recited the canon of consecration. The Prelate then descended the altar to consecrate the stained glass door, the St. Thaddeus and St. Bartholomew painting, and finally The Last Supper painting, with the presence of sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Mgo and Talin Panossian and family, Mr. and Mrs. Arpiar and Hermine Janoyan and Kaprielian Family, and Kaloust Chekerdemian and family.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Prelate blessed the four sponsor families and delivered his message to the faithful. His Eminence first expressed thanks to God for his safe return from Antelias and Etchmiadzin, then briefly reflected on issues discussed at the Bishops’ Synod, most notably the canonization of Armenian Genocide victims and the harmonization of the rites of Baptism and Chrismation. His Eminence then turned to the day’s Gospel reading, which was on the Parable of the Rich Fool, emphasizing the importance of seeking spiritual rather than material wealth. The man in the parable was selfish and self-centered, and solely concerned about his material possessions rather than about the fate of his soul. Every time we pray the Lord’s Prayer we pray for His will to be done, in heaven and on earth, for when we seek and submit to His will, and when we strive to be “rich toward God”, He will provide for us abundantly, stated the Prelate. Thus, let us strive to be rich in the eyes of our Lord, our Church, and our nation, and let us utilize our material riches for the benefit of the collective, like the benefactors and sponsors of this Church. May we be good stewards of all God’s gifts, may we live our lives enriched spiritually and illuminated by God’s grace, and may we in return illuminate our surroundings, for “He who has pity on the poor lends to the Lord, and He will pay back what he has given” (Proverbs 19:17), concluded the Prelate. Finally, His Eminence commended the Pastor, Board of Trustees, Delegates, Ladies Guild, sponsors, and all church servants for their devoted service to the progress of the parish.

A reception followed at the “Andon Andonian” Hall hosted by the Board of Trustees and Ladies Guild.

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