Episcopal Divine Liturgy and Blessing of Grapes and Madagh at St. Mary’s Church in Glendale on the Feast of Assumption

On Sunday, August 18, 2019, the Feast of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God was celebrated in all Prelacy Churches with Divine Liturgy and the traditional blessing of grapes.

On the Feast of the Assumption and the name-day of St. Mary’s Church of Glendale, H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, celebrated Divine Liturgy, delivered his message, and conducted the blessing of grapes and madagh at St. Mary’s Church. H.G. Bishop Torkom Donoyan, Vicar General, celebrated Divine Liturgy, conducted the consecration of a sacred painting and the blessing of grapes at St. Gregory the Illuminator Church in San Francisco.

In his sermon, the Prelate reflected on the life of the Holy Mother of God from her birth to her assumption, emphasizing her virtue, purity, humility, and maternal love and responsibilities which remained constant throughout her life. His Eminence added that the Virgin Mary remains the epitome of motherhood through her boundless love, devotion, and sanctity, and invited all to emulate her faithfulness and obedience to our Lord, to submit to the will of our Lord and the tenets of our faith, and to transform our families into altars of peace, piety, and national values. He concluded by praying for the intercession of the Holy Mother of God to renew our spirits and plant seeds of humility, obedience, faith, and hope in the hearts and souls of all.

The Prelate conducted the blessing of grapes and madagh at the conclusion of the Divine Liturgy.


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