Episcopal Divine Liturgy at Holy Cross Cathedral on the Feast of Presentation of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the Temple

On Sunday, February 14, 2021, H.G. Bishop Torkom Donoyan, Prelate, celebrated his first Divine Liturgy as Prelate of the Western Prelacy, at Holy Cross Cathedral in Montebello, on the Feast of Presentation of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Temple. The Prelate commenced his message with the following words; “We thank God for giving us wisdom, so that today we can all lead our steps towards His Holy Temple and stand before His Holy presence.”

Speaking about giving what is due to God and the world, he explained; “We often give more to the world than giving what is due to God. Because, the only way in which we can give to God requires us to give from our spirit and heart; by our good actions and deeds. That is the only instance where we can fully be prepared to witness the light of God, in which it is more than evident today from this Holy Cathedral. Sometimes sin and the darkness find their way into our lives, making us believe that it is the light, due to the fact that we become accustomed to them. But, when we are steadfast in our faith and have the true light of God in us, we become stronger and have the courage to tell the darkness that ‘I do not believe in you, I believe in God.’”

The Prelate added, “Let us all be the bearers of the light, shining like stars, obtaining it from the true source; Jesus Christ, in which we will be able to move away from sin and be victorious over all trials and tribulations.”

Explaining the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus Christ to the Temple, the Prelate made it clear that God, through the Virgin Mary sent His only begotten Son to the world, and then, in the likeness of Mary and Joseph, “our parents are mediators between God and us, whose duty is to teach their children about God, and to raise them up in righteousness.”

Concluding his message, the Prelate greeted the Dean of Holy Cross Cathedral, Very Rev. Fr. Muron Aznikian, and stated; “For the past 30 years, through his diligence, deeds, and self-sacrifice has had a unique place in the mission of the Western Prelacy, especially in the Christian Education Department.” The Prelate also greeted the pastor of the church, Rev. Fr. Ashod Kambourian, the Board of Trustees, Central Board member Mr. Gaidzag Zetlian, Executive Council Vice-Chair Mr. Mher Der Ohanessian, Delegates, Armenian organizations in the community, Mesrobian Armenian School, as well as all the benefactors and praised their support for the betterment of the church.

At the end of the Divine Liturgy, the faithful were led to the “Baghramian” Hall and conveyed their congratulations to the Prelate.

On Saturday, February 13, 2021, the Prelate presided over the Eve of Presentation of our Lord Jesus Christ to the Temple, at St. Mary’s Church in Glendale. The ceremony was attended by clergy and deacons of the Western Prelacy.

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