Evening Vigil for the War in Armenia and Artsakh

On Wednesday, October 28, 2020, at 7pm, H.G. Bishop Torkom Donoyan, Prelate, invited clergy members and deacons who serve in Los Angeles to St. Mary’s Armenian Church in Glendale, to raise prayers for peace in Armenia and Artsakh. The evening vigil was shown live on Facebook.

In his speech, the Prelate stated, “Through our collective prayers and chants, we beseeched our Lord for His strength to shield us throughout our lives; as a collective people, as soldiers and as a nation of Armenia and Artsakh. A shield that is not only visible, but also an invisible shield which we are in need of more these days.”

He continued, “We remain steadfast in our faith, because we have Jesus Christ as a protector and refuge. Although we were bombarded with difficulties all throughout our history, especially today when Artsakh is facing the same tribulations, we remain steadfast, we exist, and most importantly we have conscious youth who are aware and ready to sacrifice for our fatherland, taking on death in the example of Jesus Christ.” stressed the Prelate.

The Prelate concluded by stating, “Admiration and respect to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect our fatherland, becoming immortal stars in heaven to watch over us and strengthen our faith.”

Following his remarks, the Prelate, accompanied by clergy and deacons sang “Lord Have Mercy,” and read a prayer from the “Hanrabedagan Maghtank.”

The evening vigil ended by the singing of the Lords Prayer and Armenian National Anthem.

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