Feast of the Assumption Celebration at St. Mary’s Church in Glendale

On Sunday, August 16, 2015, the Feast of the Assumption of the Holy Mother of God was celebrated in Prelacy Churches with Divine Liturgy and the traditional blessing of grapes. Given that the feast is also the name-day of St. Mary’s Church in Glendale, H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, celebrated Divine Liturgy and delivered the sermon at St. Mary’s Church. During the service His Eminence also conducted the blessing of grapes, madagh, and water with the new Holy Muron. Executive Council Vice-Chair Dr. Dikran Babikian and member Mr. Meher Der Ohanessian, parish Board of Trustees and Delgates, were among the over two thousand faithful in attendance.

In his sermon, the Prelate acclaimed the virtues of the Virgin Mary which made her worthy of being chosen to be the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. His Eminence stressed that Mary was not chosen for the honor by chance. It was her upbringing in a devout family, her demonstrated obedience, humility, and devotion to God throughout her life which made her most blessed of all women. And as the Mother of God, she dedicated herself to the proper care of her Son, and by the promise of our Lord, she became worthy of His heavenly abode. The Virgin Mary is a revered figure among Christians as our intercessor before Christ; she is also an inspiration and guide for us all and for mothers especially, as the ideal of faithfulness to God and of motherhood, stated the Prelate. Eve, the first woman, fell due to disobedience, while Mary was elevated for her faithfulness; thus, this day is a day of pilgrimage and also a reminder of the great importance of devotion to the faith of our fathers and to Christian living, said His Eminence, and concluded his message by speaking of the symbolism of the grape blessing ceremony, an offering of the first fruits, with the grapes, the queen of fruits, representing the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ which was shed for our redemption and salvation. The Prelate then conducted the blessing of grapes, madagh, and water followed.

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