Ferrahian School 8th Grade Class Pays Annual Vartanants Visit to the Prelacy

On Wednesday, February 19, 2020, the 8th grade class of Ferrahian School paid its annual visit to the Prelacy on the occasion of Sts. Vartanants. The students were accompanied by Vice-Principal Vartkes Nalbandian and teachers.

The visit began at the “St. Dertad and St. Ashkhen” Chapel where H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, led the Lord’s Prayer and singing of the hymn “Norahrash” dedicated to St. Vartanants. He was joined by Archpriest Fr. Nareg Pehlivanian and Rev. Fr. Movses Shannakian.

The visit continued at “Dikran and Zarouhie Der Ghazarian” Hall where students presented a patriotic program of songs and recitations honoring the legacy of our Vartanants saints, including passages from the speeches of Ghevont Yerets and Vartan Mamigonian.

The Prelate delivered his message, beginning by commending the students’ performances. He noted that the sacred paintings they saw hung in the Chapel of St. Gregory the Illuminator, King Dertad, Catholicos Sahag, St. Mesrob Mashdots, and Sts. Vartanants symbolize the perpetuation of our faith and national heritage, which are the foundation of our religious and national identity. Referencing the speeches of Ghevont Yerets and Vartan Mamigonian, His Eminence established a dialogue with the students, posing the question as to what the feast of Sts. Vartnanats signifies for them, stressing that unwavering faith, love for God, and patriotism must be what drives us, as evidenced by our independent homeland and liberated Artsakh. He conveyed his blessings to all and wished for the students to follow in the example of their teachers and become the next generation of educators.

The visit concluded with the singing of Cilicia and the Armenian national anthem.

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