Ferrahian School 8th Grade Class Visits the Prelacy

Throughout each academic year, students of various grade levels from Prelacy Schools visit the Prelacy to receive the blessings and hear the message of H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, and to present culturally-rich programs of recitations, songs, and dances. The first visitors of the New Year were 8th grade students from Ferrahian High School, who on Thursday, February 2nd, 2017, came to the Prelacy accompanied by their Principal Mrs. Sossi Shanlian and teachers. The Prelate was joined by Archpriest Fr. Nareg Pehlivanian and Archpriest Fr. Razmig Khatchadourian.

The students first gathered at the “St. Dertad and St. Ashkhen” Chapel for a prayer service, at the conclusion of which the Prelate gave a brief explanation on the Chapel’s namesakes. The visit continued at the “Dikran and Zarouhie Der Ghazarian” Hall. On behalf of her peers, Taline Krumian thanked the Prelate, clergy, principal, and teachers for creating the opportunity to visit the Prelacy, and noted that the students would be presenting a program dedicated to Sts. Vartanants. Thereafter, group by group the students presented a series of patriotic and national recitations, songs, and musical pieces on the piano.

Following the performances the Prelate commended the students and teachers for their hard work in preparing the beautiful program. The Prelate’s message to the students centered on our faith, culture, and nation, how in the year 301 St. Gregory the Illuminator enlightened our nation with the Light of Christianity, followed a century later by our Holy Translators who gave us our alphabet and shaped our national identity, and the heroic St. Vartan and his companions who gave their lives in defense of faith and nation. His Eminence noted that the month of February is a special one as we will celebrate a number of feasts, beginning with the Fast of the Catechumens the following week, a fast initiated by St. Gregory the Illuminator in preparation for the adoption of Christianity, followed by St. Sarkis, Sts. Ghevontiants, and Sts. Vartanants, and thus should be a time of celebration as well as an opportunity to recommit ourselves to our faith. The Prelate once again commended the students for paying tribute to the life and martyrdom of our heroes and called on them to reaffirm their dedication to our Christian faith and our cultural heritage, and also to really pay heed when their teachers and elders teach them about our heritage so that they in turn can pass it along to future generations.

Following an exchange of mementos, the program concluded with the benediction followed by Cilicia and the Armenian national anthem. The students received a tour of the Prelacy and became familiarized with the various departments, and also paid their respects at the monument dedicated to the Armenian Genocide Centennial.

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