Ferrahian Students Spend Memorable Day with the Prelate during School Visit

By the invitation of the Ferrahian School administration, on Tuesday, March 11, 2014, H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, visited the school’s two campuses, accompanied by Holy Martyrs Church Pastor Rev. Fr. Razmig Khatchadourian and Executive Council member Mr. Toros Kejejian.

The day began at Holy Martyrs ARS Ashkhen Pilavjian Pre-School and Marie Cabayan Elementary School, where the Prelate was greeted by Mr. John Kossakian, Principal, Ms. Vehik Gabrielian, Pre-School Director, Mr. Tro Tchekidjian, Assistant to the Principal, and school board members.

The Prelate first visited the Pre-School and Nursery, where he was greeted with recitations by the young students, to whom he spoke in an easily comprehensible manner.

An assembly with the third, fourth, and fifth grade students followed at “Haig Minassian” Hall.  Mrs. Azadouhi Ghazarian served as Master of Ceremonies.  Students presented a cultural program of songs, poetry, and dance dedicated to Vartanants and the Armenian language.  The Principal greeted the Prelate and guests, and then invited His Eminence to address the students.  The Prelate had a warm interaction with the students during a question and answer session.  He then delivered his message in which he commended the administration for the instruction they are providing and the students for their program, and emphasized that the spirit of St. Vartan and St. Mesrob Mashdots will remain alive as long as we speak Armenian, pray in Armenian, take pride in our identity, and be the faithful descendents of our forefathers and heroes. The program concluded with the Lord’s Prayer and the benediction by the Prelate.

His Eminence and guests then had the opportunity to discuss future expansion plans with the Principal, who briefed them on anticipated projects.

The visit continued at the Ferrahian High School campus with an assembly at “Dikranian” Hall.  The students greeted the Prelate with welcoming remarks and recitations.  The Principal spoke to the students about the inspiring visit they had at the North Hills campus earlier in the day, then invited the Prelate to address the students.  The assembly was an interactive one, with the students asking the Prelate questions and the Prelate engaging the youth in conversation.  The question and answer session focused primarily on our faith, church life, youth participation in community life, and canonization of Genocide martyrs. Ms. Ani Bertizlian moderated the discussion.  In conclusion, His Eminence spoke to the students about the importance of speaking in our native tongue, living as faithful Christian Armenians by upholding our language, faith, and heritage, and drawing the youth to our church.  The administration and students thanked the Prelate for the insight and message he conveyed and expressed their wish for similar visits in the future.

A Lent lunch with the senior class followed, during which the Prelate spoke to them about the meaning of Lent as a time for self-discipline, introspection, and spiritual strengthening.

The day was a memorable one for the administration, students, and for the Prelate as well.

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