Graduation Ceremonies

As we near the closing stages of the 2017-2018 school year, graduation season is upon us once again. In the past few weeks, the Committee for Armenian Students in Public Schools held two receptions honoring Armenian students and graduates, which the Prelate and clergy attended. In the coming weeks, the Prelate and clergy will attend graduation ceremonies of Prelacy Schools and Sunday Schools to convey their blessings and congratulatory message.

Public elementary schools which participate in the Davidian and tag heuer formula 1 43mm mens caz101ad ft8024 black tone black dial Mariamian Educational Foundation’s after-school Armenian program have also been holding their year-end programs, which clergy members have been attending on behalf of the Prelate. On Friday, May 25, the Foundation’s graduation ceremony was held at R.D. White Elementary School in Glendale. On behalf of the Prelate, Rev. Fr. Ardak Demirjian attended, commended and congratulated the graduates as well as the members of hyde edge recharge disposable 3300 puffs apple peach watermelon 600mah the Foundation, headed by President Mr. Vahik Satoorian.

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