Graduation Ceremony at Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School “The Western Prelacy is Proud of its Armenian Schools” Stressed the Prelate

On Sunday, June 13, 2021, H.G. Bishop Torkom Donoyan, Prelate, presided over the graduation ceremony of Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School, and delivered the diplomas to 78 graduating students. The ceremony took place at the school’s Nerses Tashjian Gymnasium. In attendance were Archpriest Fr. Vicken Vassilian, Pastor of St. Garabed Church in Hollywood, Mr. George Chorbajian, Secretary of the Executive Council and liaison to the Board of Regents, representatives, benefactors, teachers, parents and friends.

Mrs. Tamar Tufenkdjian delivered the opening remarks on behalf of the Board of Regents, which was followed by speeches given by various teachers, praising the accomplishments of the students during the 2020-2021 academic year and congratulated the graduating students, wishing success upon their future academic endeavors.

Dr. Alina Dorian, Principal, introduced and congratulated the graduating class and spoke with admiration about the students’ endurance, perseverance and strength. Following her remarks, she invited the Prelate to deliver his heartfelt message.

The Prelate congratulated the graduates with great satisfaction and stated, “The Western Prelacy Religious and Executive Councils, and personally, are proud of our Armenian Schools and all of their accomplishments. Indeed, our schools will grow and develop as a structure, as a spirit, and as a student body. In other words, they will always grow in the qualitative and quantitative senses. I admire the growth of our schools to the rhythm of growth of all those Armenian heroes who grew day by day. That is why we highly value all our Armenian schools, which, although they have been operating in unfavorable conditions for a whole year, nevertheless, today is a great outcome of an adverse 2020-2021 academic year.”

Speaking about the activities of the school, the Prelate emphasized, “The contributions to the success of the school are commendable, which comes from the efforts of the principal, faculty, staff and supporters of the Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School. We witnessed the heartfelt messages of the school’s administration and testimonies of our graduating class, where one could not fail to notice the fluency in English and the fluent performances in Armenian that fill our souls with joy.” On this occasion, the Prelate invited those present to applaud all the teachers of the Armenian language.

At the end of his message, the Prelate reaffirmed the commitment of parents to send their children to Armenian schools, then addressing the 78 graduates, H.G. said; “Do you want success in your life? Therefore, you must have faith in God and in the power, God has given you, you must also correct your shortcomings by creating the best in yourself by being ready to spend sleepless nights.” He ended his remarks by encouraging the students to always read, and have a book in front of their eyes, instead of a cell phone.

The graduation ceremony concluded by the Prelate’s blessing.

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