Holy Tuesday Commemoration

On the evening of Tuesday, March 26, 2013, Holy Tuesday, or the Parable of the Ten Maidens, was commemorated in Prelacy Churches. H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, presided over the service at Holy Martyrs Church in Encino.  Sunday School students participated in the singing of the service and also represented the ten maidens.

In his message, the Prelate went over the Parable of the Ten Maidens, explaining that the groom symbolizes our Lord Jesus Christ and how five of the maidens had the wisdom and foresight to bring extra oil with them while the five unwise maidens did not have the foresight of doing so and thus were not there to greet the groom.  The timeless message of the Parable which still applies to our lives today, said the Prelate, is to live in the example of the five wise maidens and be prepared and alert at all times.  Being prepared means doing the right thing and obeying the Word of God, and being alert means not being deceived and led by evil, but rather choosing the righteous path, stated the Prelate. Thus, only by being prepared and alert and living God-pleasing lives according to His Word can we greet Christ.  Holy Week is also a time to prepare ourselves for the upcoming celebration of the Glorious Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday, concluded the Prelate.

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