On the Occasion of the 2021-2022 School Year


With pastoral care and paternal love, from the Western Prelacy I warmly greet the Board of Regents of Prelacy Schools, schools’ boards, principals and directors, faculty, sponsors, volunteers, our dear students and their parents.

As our schools open their doors to the 2021-2022 academic year, Armenian children, with the diligent support of their parents, enter our spiritual-intellectual centers where they will be entrusted to the care of Armenian teachers and to the attention of vigilant cultivators.

This past year was truly extremely difficult for our schools, students, and teachers. We experienced the burden not only of the pandemic but of the war in Artsakh, a worldwide economic crisis, and other challenges. Our students were not exempt from these crises, however, thanks to our Christian faith and resolute national spirit, we successfully continue our mission to provide Armenian instruction and Christian values with renewed fervor and vision.

The Armenian School, alongside the Armenian Church, fulfills an extraordinary and unique mission for our nation. The Armenian School is also the Armenian Church where our students learn Armenian traditions, national history and heritage, at the same time comprehending that the Armenian Church has been the creator and leading patron of Armenian history, culture, and spiritual heritage in Christian Armenia and in our national life. The success of the Armenian School is the success of the Armenian Church; the strengthening of the Armenian School is the strengthening of the Armenian Church; the expansion of the Armenian School is the expansion of the Armenian Church because these two, side by side, form the sturdiest foundation for the subsistence of new generations.

With these sentiments, we convey our best wishes to you all ahead of the new school year.

Dear parents, strength and fortitude to you who trust in the unparalleled mission of the Armenian School. May God recompense your investment in your children through the Armenian School with blessings of fruitfulness.
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Dear teachers, patience to you, so that you may continue to shape intellectually mature and exemplary Armenians with your moral and absolute support.

Dear students, keep the Armenian spirit burning in your lives and may the radiant beam of Christianity always be imprinted on your faces.
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Bishop Torkom Donoyan, Prelate
Western United States

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