On the occasion of the Launch of Academic 2022-2023 term


With cordial Christian love and paternal fondness and on behalf of the Western Prelacy, I greet the Board of Regents, Educational Councils, principals, teachers, benefactors, friends, dedicated supporters, students and parents on the occasion of the launch of 2022-2023 academic term, before us now.

The Armenian Church is the guarantor of the Armenian Diaspora and at the same time, inspires our cultural and educational revival, while the Armenian School, as the index of our peoples’ educational footing, must raise the academic bar to higher levels. In light of these truths, we challenge our community organizations and structures to welcome into their ranks, new generations of our sons and daughters –who endowed with technical and specialized skills- will infuse the sap of vibrancy to our institutions so these revitalized bodies can better serve the Armenian community with sharp and decisive leadership.

It is with this fundamental conviction, we focus our attention on the Armenian school as the Armenian nation’s most prominent and progressive index and patron of our new generation and its success. In this century of scientific and technological advancements, we believe that our young generation, students, educational system and all of us, must resist temptation of fleeting solutions and mediocrity so that we can prepare our future leaders (from the golden potential these students represent) to be skillful, prudent, vigilant and of rational mind.

At the doorstep of this academic 2022-2023 term, let these observations be a call to action and invitation to mentor our youth so we are able to shatter the chain of mediocrity in our lives.
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May there be progression, technical advancement and the enthusiastic waving of victory flags, sanctioned by the blessings of God, so our young boys and girls strive for new and idealistic perfection.

Bishop Torkom Donoyan, Prelate
Western Prelacy of the United States

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