Pilibos School Juniors Visit the Prelacy Ahead of Pilgrimage to Armenia

On Thursday, April 19, 2018, the junior class of Rose and Alex Pilibos School paid a visit to the Prelacy to receive the blessings of H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, ahead of their pilgrimage to Armenia. The visit also served as a renewal of the students’ allegiance to our religious and national values. His Eminence was joined by Archpriest Fr. Nareg Pehlivanian.

The visit was held at the “Dikran and Zarouhie Der Ghazarian” Hall. The program began with opening remarks by Ara Yacoubian, who expressed thanks for the warm welcome, highlighted the church’s valuable role in the collective life of the Armenian people, and joyfully noted that he and his peers will be in Armenia during commemorations of the centennial and asked for the Prelate’s blessings.

Areni Chorbajian served as the MC and one by one invited her peers who presented a patriotic program of songs, recitations, and musical pieces.

The Prelate commended the performances and expressed his delight at the students’ visit, pointing out how much more mindful and mature they have become since their last visit three years ago. He lauded also the sentiments of nationalism and allegiance to our faith and nation echoed in the students’ remarks.
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His Eminence stated that the students are fortunate to be visiting Armenia during centennial commemorations and urged them to really take in our rich history and heritage as they visit a number of historic and sacred sites. By the request of the students, the Prelate explained the history and meaning behind the Holy Muron and how it’s made, noting that while many churches use a form of holy oil, the Holy Muron used in the Armenian Church is unique in formula and method of preparation. He explained that Holy Muron dates back to the time of the exodus of the Jews from Egypt, reached Armenia by Christ’s apostles and the tradition reinstituted by St. Gregory the Illuminator. The Prelate emphasized the continuity of Holy Muron from the time of St.
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Gregory until the present and the combining of Holy Muron in Etchmiadzin and Antelias which is a beautiful symbol of our unity. He concluded by wishing them a safe trip and expressing confidence that they will return strengthened in their faith and national identity and will also remain bonded to our community life following their graduation next year and beyond.

Afterward the Prelate answered questions posed by the students, giving further information on the Holy Muron and also speaking to them about challenges of our faith in the modern day.

The program concluded with Cilicia and the Prelate’s benediction.

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