Prayers For the Republic and Blessing of the Armenian Flag on the 103rd Anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia

On Sunday, May 30, 2021, H.G. Bishop Torkom Donoyan, Prelate, celebrated the Divine Liturgy and blessed the Armenian flag at the Holy Martyrs Armenian Apostolic Church of Encino. H.E. Archbishop Yeprem Tabakian and H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian. Joined the Prelate during the Divine Liturgy. The Prelate and clergy members lifted up prayers for the 103rd anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia.

During his sermon, the Prelate praised the spirit of the May 28, 1918 independence, and stated, “Despite the various trials our nation faced during our history, God has shown our people the way to break the chains of slavery, to rise and walk again, and to see a free and independent homeland which, for centuries has been under hostile attacks of neighboring countries. But our people have permanently defended their God-given homeland at all costs, for which not thousands, but millions of Armenians have been sacrificed. Thanks to the sacrifice of our martyrs, today we have our sacred homeland; Armenia.”

The Prelate also recalled the memory of Aram Manougian, the leader who orchestrated the May victory, during which Armenians rose up against the Turkish army and formed the foundation of free and independent Republic of Armenia, with its tricolor flag being hoisted not only on flag poles, but also in the lives of every Armenian, especially in the Diaspora, where thanks to the leadership of Holy See of Cilicia and the Diaspora, the flag remained a symbol of the nation and the homeland, even during the decades when it was blocked in Armenia.

The Prelate also referred to the recent Artsakh war stating that, “Although thousands of Armenians shed their blood and gave their lives in defense of our homelands in Artsakh and Armenia, this war ended in defeat and the loss of our lands. But, God gives us the strength to take possession of our lands once again, which was not granted to us, but was gained through the bloodshed by our children, brothers and sisters. It is time for unity under the blessing of Holy Cross and under our holy flag, it is time to be united against our enemy and liberate the lands seized by the Azeri-Turkish aggressors. And as one nation, one people of the same homeland, we must once again stand up for our centuries-old history” stressed the Prelate.

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