Prayers for the Republic and Flag Blessing on the 101st Anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia

On Sunday, May 26, 2019, the 101st anniversary of the first Republic of Armenia was celebrated in Prelacy Churches with Thanksgiving Prayers for the Republic and the blessing of the Armenian flag.

H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, presided over Divine Liturgy, conducted Thanksgiving Prayers for the Republic, and delivered his message at Holy Martyrs Church in Encino.

The Thanksgiving Prayer service began as deacons and acolytes carried the Armenian flag to the altar as the choir sang “Oorakh Ler.” Throughout the service, prayers were offered beseeching the Lord to protect, strengthen, and flourish our Republic, nation, and Armenian Apostolic Church, bless our flag, bless the leaders of our nation with His grace, wisdom, prudence, our soldiers with courage, and instill in us all a sense of compassion and patriotism.

Given that the following day was Memorial Day, the Prelate began his message by paying tribute to the brave soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the independence, freedom, and prosperity of our homeland and of this nation, praying for the Lord to grant wisdom and forethought to the leaders of both nations so that they may serve with righteousness in favor of justice and democracy. His Eminence noted that throughout our history we have emerged victorious from uneven battles owing to heroes who have served with the conviction that to give one life’s willingly is immortality, battles for justice and for our lands which continue to this day. “It is important that we keep praying for the Lord to increase the grace and wisdom of our leaders so that they may lead our people with fairness, as well as to ensure that the revolution begun a year ago continues with righteousness and impartiality toward the right path of human rights and democracy,” stated the Prelate, and concluded by praying for the Lord to keep us firm in our path and lead us toward the fulfillment of our collective goals.

At the conclusion of Divine Liturgy, requiem prayers were offered for the souls of the heroes of Sardarabad, Gharakilise, Pash Abaran, and of other battles who gave their lives in defense of our lands.

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