Prelate Attends Monthly Luncheon at Ararat Home

By the invitation of the Ladies Auxiliary of Ararat Home, on Tuesday, June 2nd, the Prelate attended the monthly luncheon at the Mission Hills campus. Per tradition, the June luncheon is sponsored annually by the Armenian Relief Society Western Region Executive. ARS members and supporters were among the hundreds of guests in attendance.

The Prelate delivered the invocation, in which he expressed the community’s gratitude to the administration, staff, and Ladies Auxiliary of Ararat Home for the loving care they provide to our beloved elders and to the members of the ARS for their dedicated service to the welfare of our brethren in Armenia and throughout the Diaspora. His Eminence commended also the sponsors and guests for lending their support to the worthy mission of Ararat Home through their participation in the monthly luncheons and various other endeavors.
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