Prelate Condemns Destruction of Der Zor Armenian Genocide Memorial

H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, strongly condemned the destruction of the Armenian Genocide Memorial Church and complex in Der Zor on September 21 stating, “No one and nothing can disparage and diminish the memory of our martyrs and our commitment to upholding their legacy. Indeed, heinous act such as this intensify our vigilance and drive us to persist undeterred in our cause to achieve the fulfillment of our just demands by the centennial commemoration. This is not the first time that our memorial monuments have come under attack. In the past, the Genocide monument at the Catholicosate’s St. Mary Monastery in Bikfaya was bombed; today, it stands triumphantly, soaring majestically toward the sky like the mighty fist of the Armenian people. The enemy of the Armenian nation is most certainly behind this atrocious act. We rightfully expect that this and similar acts of terror are condemned not only with words but with action as well, and for justice to triumph”.

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