Prelate Participates in Catholicosate Central Executive Meetings

On Tuesday, May 7, 2019, the Religious Council of the Catholicosate Central Executive convened its plenary session under the presidency of His Holiness Catholicos Aram I. H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, participated in the session.

His Holiness delivered the opening message, stressing the importance of ongoing renewal for the mission and service of the Church to be more organized and focused.

Items on the agenda included: Christian education, youth, collaboration with the Armenian Catholic and Evangelical Churches, ecumenical and inter-faith relations, Seminary, clergy training, summer youth academy, HASK publication, socioethical issues, Bible translation and publication, communications and publishing endeavors, re-arrangement of the Prayers for the Republic and for the Pontiff, and ceremonial matters. Reports were given on the aforementioned topics, after which participants discussed the issues and drafted appropriate measures and decisions.

In his closing message, His Holiness commended the proceedings and emphasized the need for the Religious Council’s work to reach the faithful through each Prelacy.

The Central Executive Lay Council convened its session on Wednesday, May 8, under the presidency of His Holiness. Vahe Yacoubian and Gaidzag Zetlian participated in the session from our Prelacy.

Items on the agenda included administrative, financial, and other general matters. Special attention was given to the re-organization of Prelacies, to Diaspora-Armenia-Artsakh relations and the Catholicosate’s role in this regard. Participants presented a brief overview of the endeavors of their respective Prelacies. The Council commended the work that has been carried out and wished success for all forthcoming projects.

In his opening and closing messages, His Holiness emphasized that the Catholicosate, alongside the Central Executive and affiliated bodies, plans and serves for the people, that the Catholicosate is not solely an administrative headquarters rather a Christian mission and people-oriented service, and that the Catholicosate and Prelacies form one entity and must serve as such as active participants in the realization of the Catholicosate’s plans and mission.

The joint session of the Religious and Lay Councils convened on Thursday, May 9, under the presidency of His Holiness. Discussions centered on relations and collaboration with Armenia, Artsakh, and Etchmiadzin, progress in the re-organization of Prelacies, Catholicosate of Sis lawsuit, “New Cilicia” village in Artsakh established by the Catholicosate, revitalization of Syria’s Armenian community, and the pan-Armenian media conference to be held in Antelias in July.

His Holiness delivered the closing message reiterating the importance of strengthening collaboration between the Holy Sees, advancing projects and plans to bolster Armenia and Artsakh, and the reformation of the Diaspora and Prelacies. He concluded by commending the work carried out by the Central Executive, Prelates, and Executive Councils.


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