Prelate Presides Over Pentecost Service at Holy Cross Cathedral in Montebello – Memorial Prayer for Archbishop Goriun Babian

On Thursday, May 21, 2015, Archbishop Goriun Babian, senior member of the Brotherhood of the Catholicosate of Cilicia, entered eternal rest. On Thursday evening, during the presentation of Dr. Garbis Harboyan’s books at the Prelacy, H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, led a prayer in memory of the late Archbishop.

On Sunday, May 24, Pentecost, memorial prayers were offered in Prelacy Churches by the ordinance of the Prelate. His Eminence presided over Divine Liturgy and delivered his sermon at Holy Cross Cathedral in Montebello. The Prelate began his sermon by explaining the meaning of Pentecost, the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the 120 followers of Christ who had gathered ten days after His Ascension. The Apostles were ordinary people and under normal circumstances it was impossible for them to spread the Word of God to the many peoples who spoke different languages. But with the descent of the Holy Spirit, the one hundred and twenty individual tongues or flames which came to rest on each of their heads, they were filled with the power and ability to spread God’s Word and promise across continents.

The gift of the Holy Spirit was not only for those gathered on that day; God pours out His spirit upon all those who put their faith and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ, said the Prelate, and greeted the members of Prelacy Bible Study groups in attendance who “teach and receive the Word of God guided by the Holy Spirit and lead others to Christ by example. “Pentecost invites us all to consider our own participation in the mission of the church. Today is a fitting opportunity for all to renew our commitment as essential members of the body of Christ and of the Armenian Apostolic Church family, using our individual gifts to collectively build up our church and nation This message is particularly fitting in this Centennial year as it is crucial for us to join hand and efforts and work together with love, peace, and harmony, in order to fulfill our national demands and reclaim that which is rightfully ours,” concluded the Prelate.

Prior to the requiem service the Prelate conveyed his condolences to the family of Archbishop Goriun and gave testimony of the life and service of his senior colleague, emphasizing that the eulogy of His Holiness Aram I best represents the late Archbishop’s character. He then read the message, in which the Pontiff eulogized Archbishop Babian as a devoted and true servant of our Lord, our church, and our people, an intellectual who remained an avid reader until his last days, a well-liked and amiable individual who was always in positive spirits, and a faithful member of the Brotherhood who throughout his decades of service remained dutiful to his superiors and loyal to the mission he was called for. Requiem service followed, during which a special prayer was said for Archbishop Goriun.

Following the service, the annual reception of Prelacy Bible Study groups was held at “Tumanjan” Hall presided over by the Prelate. The reception was sponsored by the Pastors and Board of Trustees of Holy Cross Cathedral, and organized by the Bible Study groups, led by Brother Krikor Misserlian. The Prelate once again greeted and commended the members for their dedicated service and delivered his message to all stating, “On this Feast of Pentecost, may this parish community and all of our communities renew their commitment to working together in unison as members of one family, empowered and invigorated by the might of the Holy Spirit in our service for His glory and for the advancement of the Armenian Apostolic Church and nation with new drive and vitality.”

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