Prelate Visits St. Sarkis Church Vacation Bible School


St. Sarkis Church of Pasadena Sunday School last year initiated a new program named Vacation Bible School (VBS), where children ages 3 and up learn Bible stories and prayers, participate in Psalm readings, singing, and fun and educational games and activities.  Over one hundred children are taking part in this year’s VBS, titled “Text Jesus”.  The VBS takes place over four one-week sessions.  It began on July 1st and ends on July 26th.

On Thursday, July 18, 2013, H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, visited the Vacation Bible School, accompanied by Archpriest Fr. Nareg Pehlivanian and Deacon Khatchig Shannakian.  Upon their arrival they were welcomed by Sunday School and VBS Director Mrs. Talin Zomdjian-Naccashian, teachers, and young students.  The students had prepared a program of prayers, hymns, and psalms which they presented.

In his address to the students, the Prelate urged them to be in constant communication with our Lord through prayer and to always be respectful of their parents and elders.  He recalled memories from his childhood, to which the young students could relate, to stress the importance of prayer.  The students then addressed questions to the Prelate to become more closely familiarized with His Eminence.

The Prelate then invited Deacon Khatchig to speak of his experiences in serving the church and communicating with the Lord.  He stressed especially the importance of living with hope and trusting in the Lord’s will.

Fr. Nareg encouraged the students to attend church regularly to be imbued with our Christian faith, and love for our homeland and people.

The students were presented with color-illustrated copies of the Lord’s Prayer and prayer books.  The visit came to a close with the benediction by the Prelate.

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