Prelate’s First Sermon After the Canonization Ceremony – “Our Martyrs are now our Intercessors”

On April 23, 2015, the world witnessed the canonization of Armenian Genocide martyrs at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin, a historic and moving commemoration which reinforced the fervor of the Armenian people. That same faith and spirit will live on throughout our Prelacy Churches with the relics of our holy martyrs, through which our faithful can appeal for their intercession, said H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, in his first sermon after the canonization ceremony delivered on Sunday, April 26 at St. Sarkis Church in Pasadena.

The Prelate stated that by divine providence, the first Divine Liturgy following April 24th coincided with the fourth Sunday of Easter, which is designated Red Sunday. The Prelate reflected on the poignant ceremony and the vast number of Centennial commemorations held in subsequent days, through which the voice of the Armenian people, the voice of justice, echoed in all corners of the world. Within our Prelacy too, our community united to have our collective voice heard and our just cause recognized. The Prelate referred to the message of His Holiness Aram I delivered at the ceremony, in which our Pontiff emphasized the importance of moving forward in our cause with tireless determination, stating, “through the intercession of the Holy Spirit, our martyrs defied evil so that we too may defy the evil of our modern times. They died so that we live, work, and flourish.
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They died because they remained loyal to our ideals as a nation and it is our legacy to live for those ideals. Their memory is the bell that tolls and urges us to continue demanding our just rights.”

The Prelate concluded by encouraging the faithful to continue our fight for justice with vigilance, tenacity, and the same unity demonstrated during the various April 24 commemorations.

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