Presentation of Kevork Bedikian’s Latest Book at the Prelacy

The “Year of the Armenian Book” as proclaimed by H.H. Catholicos Aram I, was celebrated throughout the year at the Prelacy and its Churches with the publication of a number of books and events to present these new books to the public.

The latest of these events was held on the evening of Wednesday, December 19, 2012, at the Prelacy “Dikran and Zarouhie Der Ghazarian” Hall, where author and teacher Mr. Kevork Bedikian’s latest book “Timadedrs” (Facebook) was presented. The event was held under the auspices of H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, and was organized by Asbarez newspaper and the Prelacy Education and Cultural Committee.

As guest entered the hall, they were pleasantly greeted by music played on the piano by youngster Tamar Chavdarian. Education and Cultural Committee Chair and Master of Ceremonies Mr. Herair Jermakian welcomed the guests and invited two Saturday School students from the ARS Taline Chapter to sing a song. The MC then Asbarez editor Mr. Apo Boghikian to present the author.

Mr. Boghikian noted that in our national life there are individuals who quietly and persistently serve for the advancement of our collective life, and referred to Mr. Bedikian as belonging to this group. Mr. Boghikian spoke of the role the author’s birth place of Aleppo has had in shaping his literary works, and contributions of his nearly fifty years of service in the education and cultural fields. He concluded by thanking the Prelacy and the Prelacy for hosting such events which celebrate Armenian authors and their valuable works.

The book was presented by long-time educator Mrs. Linda Kandilian, who had been the author’s students and is currently a teacher at Armenian Sisters Academy. She first spoke of how Aleppo and its environment shaped the author and his generation, then presented synopsis of the book, which is comprised of twenty stories and five obituaries. Mrs. Kandilian reflected on the author’s literary attributes and style, his deep love and reverence for his mother tongue, and his aptitude at taking his personal experiences and presenting them in a broader view that is enjoyable to the reader. Finally, she noted that the subject matter of the author’s stories are inspired by events and experiences spanning from Aleppo to Der Zor to Armenia and the Diaspora.

A cultural program followed, consisting of two songs presented by singer Dzovig Nashalian, accompanied on the piano by Hovig Keushgerian, and one of Kevork Bedikian’s poems dedicated to the Armenian Book recited by a group of young students from Armenian Sisters Academy.

The author was then invited to convey his thoughts and remarks. Mr. Bedikian first thanked the Prelate and organizers, Executive Council member Dr. Dikran Babikian and all the guests in attendance for their support. He also thanked the individuals who contributed to his latest book, among them Masis Araradian who had prepared the front cover. Mr. Bedikian spoke of the role and value of books and how books are the language of the mind. He concluded by once again thanking all the readers who value and encourage the written word and are in tune with our cultural and literary heritage.

The MC invited the Prelate to deliver his message and blessings. The Prelate first extolled the importance of such cultural events, noting that one of the purposes of the Prelacy Hall is to serve for our cultural heritage. He commended the program participants, Mr. Boghikian, Mrs. Kandilian, and the artistic performers, as well as the organizing bodies for working together to prepare the event. His Eminence reflected on his forty-year long friendship with Mr. Bedikian, dating back to his days at the Antelias Catholicosate. Speaking on the author’s birthplace, the Prelate highlighted that Aleppo has not only inspired and shaped the author, it fulfilled a significant role in the aftermath of the Genocide as the mother of various Diaspora communities and the bastion of our faith and heritage. In conclusion, the Prelate blessed all those who serve for the advancement of the Armenian written word, among them Mr. Bedikian, and reminded the guests that the Prelacy this year published a number of books, most recently two new books by Mr. Jacques Hagopian, which will be presented in the near future.

The event concluded with the benediction by the Prelate and the collective singing of the Cilician anthem. During the reception that followed, guests had the opportunity to converse with the author and purchase signed copies of his book.


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