Requiem on the 25th Anniversary of the Armenia Earthquake


Saturday, December 7 is the 25th anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Armenia.  By the ordinance of the Prelate, on Sunday, December 8 requiem prayers will be offered in Prelacy Churches for the souls of the victims.

By the invitation of Rose and Alex Pilibos School administration, on Friday, December 6, the Prelate presided over a requiem service which was held at St. Garabed Church in memory of the earthquake victims.  Prior to the service, students held a commemoration at the school.  In the Church, prior to the requiem service, Archpriest Fr. Hrant Yeretzian reflected on the tragedy and called on the students to reaffirm their Armenian identity and pledge to remain faithful to our heritage and values as they remember their brethren in Armenia.

Addressing the students, the Prelate stated that when the earthquake struck twenty-five years ago, the world’s attention turned to Armenia as nations across the globe lent a helping hand in the spirit of Christian charity, and Armenians were and are grateful for that assistance.  That spirit of charity must remain alive in our hearts and guide our deeds during this Christmas season and throughout the year, concluded His Eminence.

Last Sunday, December 1st, by the request of the Homenetmen Western Region Executive, and by the ordinance of the Prelate, requiem prayers were offered in Prelacy Churches for Homenetmen members.

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