Requiem Service for Archbishops Ardavazt Terterian and Sumbat Lapajian


On Sunday, July 21st, 2013, H.E. Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian, Prelate, presided over Divine Liturgy and delivered the sermon at Holy Cross Cathedral in Montebello.  The day marked two somber occasions, the recent passing of senior Catholicosate Brotherhood member Archbishop Ardavazt Terterian, and the third anniversary of the passing of former Prelate Archbishop Sumbat Lapajian.

Rev. Fr. Ashod Kambourian celebrated Divine Liturgy.  Very Rev. Fr. Muron Aznikian was present for the service.

The Prelate’s sermon centered on the lives and works of the sons and grandsons of St. Gregory the Illuminator; Aristakes, Vertanes, Housig, and Krikoris.  His Eminence highlighted how these four visionaries, inspired by the example of their father and grandfather, followed in his footsteps and with unwavering faith, great courage, and selfless dedication continued and expanded the mission of St. Gregory.  They fortified Christianity in the region and helped cement Armenia’s national identity.  Furthermore, the mission set forth by St. Gregory was carried on from generation to generation as the sons and grandsons of St. Gregory the Illuminator begot the greatest champions of our faith, St. Nerses the Great, Catholicos Sahag, Vartan Mamigonian, and others.  That mission continues today, noted the Prelate, with the ideal example of faith and service of our religious forefathers influencing and shaping generations of clergy and laypersons alike until the present day.  Two such clergymen who followed the faith of our forebearers, dedicating their lives to serving our Lord and Church, were Archbishop Ardavazt Terterian and Archbishop Sumbat Lapajian, stated His Eminence.

SumbatSerpazan3rd2The Prelate spoke of the late Archbishops as faithful and selfless servants of God and our Church.  As exemplary clergymen they demonstrated staunch faith, devotion, and humility, and as teachers and mentors they instructed and inspired generations.  In the example of our religious forefathers, they gave themselves fully to the work of our Lord, stated the Prelate, and they set an example and a path for others to follow.  In conclusion, the Prelate appealed to the younger generations especially to learn about our eminent religious forefathers, to study their lives of faith and service and strive to emulate their example, to keep our faith strong and enduring for centuries more.

The requiem service followed, with prayers offered for the repose of the late Archbishops’ souls.  Very Rev. Fr. Muron Aznikian participated in the service, after which the procession headed to Archbishop Lapajian’s gravesite in the Cathedral courtyard where the service continued with a memorial prayer and blessing of the grave, and concluded with the Cilician anthem.

A requiem reception followed at Tumanjan Hall.

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