“Satig Der Ohanessian” Fund $110,000 Towards the Cultural Mission of the Western Prelacy

In order to immortalize the memory of the late benefactor Satig Der Ohanessian, the Der Ohanessian family welcomed the suggestion of H.G. Bishop Torkom Donoyan, Prelate, to established the “Satig Der Ohanessian” Fund within the Western Prelacy and donated $110,000 towards the fund, which, under the supervision of the Prelate, will serve the purpose of beautifying and expanding the cultural, particularly musical, activities of the Western Prelacy.

On this occasion, the Prelate welcomed Mr.
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Mher Der Ohanessian, Vice Chair of the Executive Council, and husband of the late Satig Der Ohanessian, his children Arin, Saro and their wives to the Western Prelacy, and once again praised the members of the Der Ohannesian family for their dedication and readiness towards the mission of the Western Prelacy.

On his part, Mher Der Ohannesian thanked the Prelate for his suggestion to establish a fund called to immortalize the memory of his beloved spouse, and conveyed his sincere feelings, noting that he is proud to honor this fund. At the same time he expressed hope that the newly established fund will function permanently in the life of the Western Prelacy and that the members of the Der Ohannesian family will always support the programs pursued by the “Satig Der Ohannesian” Fund.

Let us inform you that the mentioned sum of $110,000 was created by the full support of the Der Ohannisyan family on the sad occasion of Satig Der Ohannisyan’s passing and by the donations made by Satig’s relatives and friends.

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