St. Sarkis Church Youth Group Members Spread Christmas Cheer to Ararat Home Residents

In honor of the “Year of the Elder”, on Tuesday, December 23, 2014, youth group members from St. Sarkis Church of Pasadena visited Ararat Home in Eagle Rock to convey New Year well wishes and spread Christmas cheer to the elderly residents. The members were accompanied by Parish Pastor Rev. Fr. Boghos Baltayan, Executive Council member Mrs. Therese Kemanjian, Board of Trustees member Mr. Hovig Ohanian, Ladies Guild Chair Mrs. Maro Moujoukian and member Mrs. Taline Panossian.

Led by Fr. Boghos, members of the youth group first visited nursing facility patients in their rooms where they had a friendly exchange with the elders, prayed with them, and gave them prayer cards and pamphlets. The visit continued at the hall, where the youth presented a wonderful Christmas themed program which brought great joy to the residents.
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The program began with prayer by Fr. Boghos, who also reflected on the Pontiff’s “Year of the Elder” message and conveyed his wishes for health to the residents.
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The youth presentations consisted of Christmas hymns, religious songs, psalms, recitations, national songs, and musical performances on the violin and piano. The youth concluded their program with a traditional Armenian group dance. Three members of the group addressed the gathering, wishing a happy New Year to the elders. The residents in turn wished the youth good health and long life, and thanked the St. Sarkis Church family for their thoughtfulness. The visit concluded with the benediction by Fr. Boghos.

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