The Expansion of Holy Martyrs Ferrahian High School Becomes a Reality

It is with great pride and excitement that the Prelate of the Western Prelacy His Grace Bishop Torkom Donoyan and the Prelacy Executive Council, announce the expansion of the Holy Martyrs Church and Ferrahian High School campus through the purchase of the adjacent three-acre property, located at 5338 White Oak Ave., Encino and owned previously by the church of Jesus Christof Latter-day Saints.

Thursday, April 14, 2022 was a momentous day in the history of the Western Prelacy with the final historic steps of acquisition of this property. This milestone achievement, is the product of unyielding determination, generous financial assistance, and fortuitous timing, which was made possible through the diligent efforts of the Prelate, the Executive Council, Parish and School Boards, and the collaboration and generous donations of community members.

With the new property, Holy Martyrs Ferrahian High School’s potential for growth is limitless. The school can immediately utilize new classrooms, a second indoor basketball court, several multi-purpose rooms, a large banquet hall, and ample parking which will relieve the congestion during Christmas and Easter Divine Liturgies. Naturally, this enables the school to offer new and state-of-the-art programs to its ever-increasing student body, including computer science/coding, drama, music, graphic arts and engineering. The new facilities will also expand the proud Armens athletic program, allowing for simultaneous events and the introduction of additional team and individual offerings for our student athletes.

All of these improvements would not have been possible without the unflinching generosity of our benefactors and donors within the community, and this consistent giving has laid the foundation for this opportunity. Our deepest appreciation and gratitude also goes to our lead philanthropist for their anonymous $5 Million contribution that secured the purchase and enabled our community to realize this dream after decades of trying. There is more work to be done to continue to build on this excellent tradition, but this has been a truly unique moment for Armenians in Los Angeles.

As Armenians in the Diaspora, we are all aware about the pivotal and major role the Armenian school plays in building our future generations. Holy Martyrs Ferrahian High School, as the first Armenian day school in the country, is poised and prepared to make the most of this unprecedented opportunity, and will continue to provide the resources and guidance to have our students flourish and thrive.

The last two years have been tremendously difficult for Armenian communities worldwide. During this time, all Armenian schools struggled. But with spring comes rebirth, our Encino community is once again on the rise, and the enrollment at the Ferrahian/Cabayan/Pilavjian schools have reached record levels. The community is smiling again, and the purchase of the adjacent property will no doubt usher in a new chapter of pride and purpose. We know that the community will continue to financially and morally support and encourage this project until we collectively, as one big family, achieve the fulfillment of this project and its successful completion.


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