“The Prelacy Has the Role of a Mother in Nurturing Armenian Schools,” Says Prelate

H.G. Bishop Torkom Donoyan, Prelate, Executive Council Chair Vahe Hovaguimian, and Executive Council members welcomed representatives and members of the Board of Regents of Prelacy Schools, headed by Chair Sarkis Ourfalian. The meeting was held at the Western Prelacy on Tuesday, November 9, 2021.

During the meeting, the Prelate praised the meticulous work undertaken by Armenian schools, principals and education councils to ensure the preservation of Armenian identity, notably their success in overseeing the upbringing of Armenian students and its high-quality curriculum implementation.

The prelate also applauded the dual role of the Board of Regents as a singular supervisory body and an all encompassing one that undertakes the mission to maintain, expand and ensure the prosperity of Prelacy Armenian Schools.

Additionally, Prelate Donoyan invited the Executive Council and Board of Regents to direct additional attention to matters concerning instructors of Armenian language and Armenian subjects.
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Board of Regents Chair Sarkis Ourfalian thanked Prelate Donoyan, emphasizing that Armenian schools are steadily progressing and advancing under his auspices. At the same time, he thanked the Executive Council for their full support in implementing Board of Regent projects and activities.

The meeting concluded with a constructive exchange between members of the Executive Council and Board of Regents. In closing, Prelate Donoyan stressed the Prelacy’s vital role to nurture its schools, as a mother nurtures her children. In closing, the Prelate said, “With their activities and achievements, our schools are honorable children who bring pride to the Prelacy.”

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