The Prelate Provided Spiritual and Financial Support to the Families of the Fallen Martyrs

In light of His Holiness Aram I Catholicos of the Holy See of Cilicia declaration of 2021 as the “Year of Artsakh,” H.G. Bishop Torkom Donoyan, Prelate, among other initiatives throughout the year, also founded the Martyrs Family Foundation, and within this sphere, recently left on a week-long mission to Armenia.

On his mission to Armenia, the Prelate paid a visit to the “Yeraplour” and “Broshian” cemeteries, where the remains of our fallen heroes are buried. Creating an atmosphere of prayer, he lifted up a special prayer and through the singing of hymns, beseeched the Lord for the souls of the fallen heroes to rest in peace and for their families to feel the consolation of the Holy Spirit.

The purpose of the Prelate’s mission was to provide spiritual and moral support, as well as financial support to the families of the fallen heroes. He met with eighty families and personally listened to their difficulties and needs, and tried to alleviate the burden of the loss of a son, brother, father, husband, relative and comforted all those who have faced this tragedy and are in need of comfort. He hugged and spent time with orphans who have not seen their fathers which gave the ultimate sacrifice. He offered support to the mothers and widows and tried to open a window of hope in front of their weeping eyes, with words of consolation, exhortation, sincere sorrow and generosity.

Indeed, this financial support comes in addition to the same support that the Western Prelacy has provided to the families in recent months. The Western Prelacy in general provided support to the families of the soldiers killed in the Artsakh war in various ways, such as; Armenia Fund, fundraisings and generous donations to name a few.

In Bishop Donoyan’s own words; “Our mission will continue with the support of the Religious and Executive Councils, as well as with the support of all our people.”

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