WCC Commission of Churches for International Affairs Meeting

The 51st meeting of the World Council of Churches (WCC) Commission of Churches for International Affairs (CCIA) meeting will take place from June 9 to 16, 2012, in Nanjing, China.

Representing the Holy See of Cilicia will be Ms. Vanna Kitsinian, a devoted member of our Prelacy.

The meeting, which is hosted by the China Christian Council, will focus on “Understanding China”, covering topics ranging from market oriented economic reforms, poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability, role of religion in building harmonious society, religious policies of People’s Republic of China, role of NGO’s in developing initiatives in a Socialist China, among others.

There will also be a presentation by the WCC General Secretary regarding the Executive Committee’s proposal on “Reconstructing of CCIA in Post Busan Assembly 2013.” Working groups will address issues such a freedom of religion, rights of migrant workers and stateless people, peace and security, and peace in the community.

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