Western Prelacy of yhe Armenian Apostolic Church – Religious Council Meeting – Clergy Meeting – Granting of Pectoral Cross to Very Rev. Fr. Ashod Khachadourian

On August 5, 2022, H.G. Bishop Torkom Donoyan, Prelate, presided over the Religious Council meeting at the Western Prelacy, which was followed by a Clergy meeting.

The Clergy members examined in detail a number of religious, cultural, educational programs implemented within the Western Prelacy, such as; Bible studies, Diaconate preparation, religious classes in our schools, Sunday schools, reorganization of church choirs, “Cilicia” periodical, Prelacy religious TV program ….) and expressed their willingness, under the leadership of Bishop Donoyan, to continue the serve with renewed energy, with the commitment not only to spread, but to expand it even more, for the betterment of the Armenian Church and the greater prosperity of the Prelacy.

In the afternoon, the Prelate presided over the clergy meeting, also held at the Western Prelacy. During the meeting, various clarifications and instructions were given by the Prelate regarding ritual, organizational and parish issues. On this occasion, Bishop Donoyan applauded the clergy and urged them to continue to serve the Armenian Church and the nation with vigor.

By the request of Bishop Donoyan, H.H. Aram I., Catholicos of the Holy See of Cilicia granted Very Rev. Fr. Ashod Khachadourian, Pastor of Holy Trinity Armenian Church of Fresno to bear the pectoral cross. The clergy congratulated Fr. Khachadourian on this special occasion, and the meeting concluded by singing of “Disciple of Christ,” “Giligia” and “Ee Veh Partsants.”



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